We use our expertise to make society more sustainable.

The sum of our parts, and then some

Given the environmental and social challenges we face, we need to collectively change the way we do business. At LISI, we’re starting with our area of expertise: law.

Our community of investors, investees and advisors is committed to making things more appealing, accessible and approachable for all stakeholders.

Collaboration over competition

We prioritise progress. We aim to open minds, share insights and work together to maximise transparency across our sector. We assemble and create tools that have a measurable impact in the investment space. 

And it’s our core principles that guide us in this mission:

Co-creation & Dialogue

We consult with experts and end-users. We experiment, pursue constant feedback and push for improvements to optimise outcomes across the investment value chain.

Meet the Co-creators

Our 'Triple A' methodology

LISI makes the law appealing, approachable & accessible. Because clear, no-nonsense legal instruments are the backbone of fairer deals and long-term impact.

Read the Triple A Methodology

Focus on Impact

Our tools prioritise impact at the start of every deal. When goals are clearly stated in term sheets and other documents, they remain consistent and transparent.

Check-out the Impact Term Sheet

Our roadmap

In 2021, a group of legal experts started hatching a plan in Amsterdam: LISI was born. A foundation focused on innovating in the world of investment. Here are some of our high-level goals for the years ahead:


The founders start meeting regularly to share their ideas about how to make the investment space more impactful.


Establishment of LISI's license to operate.


Introduce LISI through our first open-source instrument:

The Impact Term Sheet. The first open-source investment term sheet created by an expert community.

Our 'Triple A' methodology guides us in making our open-source tools accessible, approachable and appealing.


LISI tools and practices are widely disseminated and adopted.

LISI Labs and LISI Academy are established.


The Digital Platform of Gratitude – dedicated to open-source legal standards and streamlining impact investment transactions – goes live.

2025 and beyond

Enter the policy arena. Mainstreaming of sustainable practices around inclusive governance arrangements and contract law redesign.

Introduce the LISI Fund in support of mission-aligned initiatives.

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