Impactful investing,
made easier for
everyone involved

At the LISI Foundation, we’re changing traditional investment

We unite experts from diverse fields to reshape and advance the legal models of impactful investments.
We’re part of the movement to put sustainability at the centre of the new economy, through ongoing dialogue.

We’re the proud creators of the Impact Term Sheet. It’s designed to integrate impact and ESG topics,
create more inclusive deals and to align everyone at the negotiation table from day one.

Discover the Impact Term Sheet

The only Triple A that matters

In a world marked by pressing environmental and social challenges-we need to collectively change the way we do business. At LISI, we’re starting with our area of expertise: law.

We’re on a mission to make the investment space more Approachable, Accessible and Appealing for every stakeholder involved, using the power of the law. Because clear, no-nonsense legal instruments are the backbone of fairer deals and long-term impact.

Explore our Triple A Methodology

Co-creation over competition

When people think of the investment and legal sectors, many think of closed doors and closed-off conversations-they’re not wrong. We are breaking this paradigm and embracing a collaborative approach in creating instruments accessible to all.

We prioritise progress. We aim to open minds, share insights and work together to maximise transparency across our sector. We assemble and create tools that have a measurable impact in the investment space.

Unlocking Impactful Investments: Legal Workshop

Join us for an insightful half-day workshop led by our co-creators. Our workshops offer you a crash-course in the fundamental elements of the Impact Term Sheet. You will leave the workshop with the confidence and know-how to seamlessly integrate them into your investment processes, to safeguard impact.

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