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Transparent terms for impact investing

Discover one year of lessons on how to align the legal investment process with safeguarding impact from our award-winning term sheet.

After making waves worldwide, the Impact Term Sheet marked its first anniversary with an upgrade.

In 2022, we launched the Impact Term Sheet to make the investment space more approachable, accessible and appealing for every stakeholder involved.

In 2023, we launched the Impact Term Sheet 2.0. We’re incorporating the lessons from a year’s worth of fruitful dialogue on harmonizing legal investment processes with impact.

A Golden Milestone: The Gouden Zandloper Award

In September 2023, just short of its first anniversary, the Impact Term Sheet was the proud recipient of the first Dutch Legal Award, the “Gouden Zandloper” in the ESG category.

Join over 1,000 professionals worldwide unlocking  more impactful investments.

Just like the original Impact Term Sheet, this upgrade was developed through open collaboration amongst many experts. Check out the ITS 2.0 Credits.

With every upgrade, we ensure that the Impact Term Sheet stays up-to-date with market progress and our ongoing research. Read the User Guide FAQ for more information.

What’s new:

  • An Impact Term Sheet download ecosystem with a wealth of resources
  • A steward ownership module in partnership with the We Are Stewards Foundation
  • A regulatory module with guidance on applying main EU ESG regulation to deal-making
  • An Impact Card to leverage the Impact Term Sheet concepts for maximum impact

Download your free copy of the Impact Term Sheet 2.0!

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You can now download the Impact Term Sheet (ITS) at the link below.

In the download folder, you will find several resources to support you in creating more impactful investment deals. Please be sure to download/make a copy of each resource in order to customize it to your needs.

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Download the Impact Term Sheet
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The Evolution of the Impact Term Sheet

We are proud to have partnered with Visual Contracts, We Are Stewards, The Erasmus School of Law, and TU Delft on a two-year multi-disciplinary research project focused on technology, law and design-driven impact.

We aim to integrate interactive, user-centric design in the Impact Term Sheet, research innovative mission safeguarding, such as steward ownership, and lay the foundation for a future Dutch Legal Design Lab, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration between law, technology and design for impact.

This project is made possible with the support of the Municipality of The Hague and Impact City.

Our Impactful Investments Legal Workshop

A half-day session led by our co-creators that offers investors a crash course in the Impact Term Sheet building blocks and how to integrate them to investment processes to safeguard impact.

Our co-creators are experienced legal experts in deal-making, dispute resolution, impact fund set-up and scaling social enterprises. From co-creating the Impact Term Sheet, they bring the knowledge of more than two years of research and industry dialogue on how to align legal processes with intended impact. 

The workshop proceeds go to supporting our foundation.

Discover our legal workshop

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