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Transparent terms for impactful investments

Welcome to a new way of ensuring maximum ESG impact in equity investments.

In November 2022, we launched the ‘Adoption’ version of our Impact Term Sheet. The first of many open-source legal tools developed by LISI through extensive co-creation and community feedback.

The Impact Term Sheet is a practical tool for integrating sustainability and ESG protocol into impact investment documentation. It also sets a powerful example of the kind of change needed to support financing models in a fairer and more sustainable economy.

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The Impact Term Sheet is free for everyone. Whether you’re an investor, an investee or an advisor – it’s here to make your next equity deal much more impactful.

We developed this Impact Term Sheet with a range of co-creators: from legal and accounting firms to companies large and small. Banks and non-profits. Lawyers and legal counsel, academics, notaries, investors and sustainability consultants.

Check out our User FAQ Guide to help you navigate the Impact Term Sheet, and decide whether it’s the right tool for your deal.

By downloading the Impact Term Sheet, you become part of our growing community. From time to time, we might send you information to support your user journey, surveys to help us improve the Impact Term Sheet and updates about LISI events and projects.

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You can now download the Impact Term Sheet (ITS) at the link below.

In the download folder, you will find several resources: a User FAQ Guide, a summary with content highlights, an extended version with guidance notes, and a shortened Word version for use (please make sure to download/make a copy before editing).

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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How to use the Impact Term Sheet

The Impact Term Sheet is a ready-to-use template. With guidance notes for your next investment deal. The Impact Term Sheet's key goals are:

Check out our User Guide FAQ


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